Our partners have gathered significant experience acting as testifying experts in oil & gas arbitrations and litigations. We have completed work for companies in Africa and Europe and our trial proved expertise is greatly sought after.  NIQ has supported, managed, and provided our professional opinions on several technical, commercial and significant issues relating to disputes in Europe and Africa.
Below is a list of Expert Witness and Consultancy Services we can assist with:

  • Consultation on petroleum engineering, petrochemical engineering, fracking, shale oil and gas, royalties, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, common carriers, royalty owners and lessees, surface owners, exploration agreements, and related matters.
  • Consultation on issues in oil and gas drilling and operating agreements, gas purchase contracts, lease and royalty arrangements, and related contractual matters.
  • Provision of expert witness opinions in matters of oil and gas operations, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and enhanced oil recovery, offshore rigs, deepwater operations, high temperature, and high pressure (HTHP) environments, water aquifers, pipelines and pipeline ruptures, oil spills, and oil field fires and explosions.
  • We also testify in matters of crude oil, gas geochemistry, the petroleum industry, petrochemical manufacturing, natural gas, and related matters, including gasoline, diesel, oil, coal, natural gas, and propane matters.
  • Site surveys
  • Review of construction design and records
  • Analysis of cost estimates and bids
  • Reporting on design defects, delays, and disruption on construction design
  • Equipment surveys and Opinion on issues with unwarranted downtime given equipment degraded state (e.g., Crane’s failure(s) on a Subsea Intervention Vessel)
  • Advice on Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculations
  • Performance review and reporting
  • Damage assessments