Flow Assurance Engineering for System Through-life

NIQ offers flow assurance capability for an entire project life cycle on onshore and offshore projects–shallow and deepwater subsea oil and gas field developments. We have extensive experience in FA modeling and analysis of issues associated with single and multi-phase thermo-hydraulics, including:

  • Flowline insulation requirements e.g. pipe-in- pipe, wet or hybrid, active heated
  • Single-phase flow thermohydraulic analysis and design, and pressure surge (water- hammer)
  • Steady-state thermo hydraulic analysis, line sizing and life of field
  • Transient multiphase flow analyses such as shutdown/cooldown, depressurisation, depacking, pigging (liquid management), wax/hydrate management, and system restart
  • Assessment for input to erosion, sand deposition, and corrosion studies of the subsea production
  • Detailed chemical inhibitor system design assessment of the subsea production system (inhibitor selection, rate requirements).
  • Development of operating philosophies and guidelines
  • Data for input to pipeline mechanical design assessment such as pipe walking, lateral buckling, and pipe
  • Delivering operations philosophy and support