NIQ has solid knowledge of all systems (the topsides, Hull and Structure, etc. integrated into an FPSO) with an understanding of the different equipment operating conditions, requirements, interaction and dependences to support ensuring the smooth day-to-day running (operation and maintenance) of the FPSO to:

  • Minimize downtime.
  • Optimize production performance at lower costs.
  • Increase safety levels and ensuring compliance to environmental guidelines.
  • Reduce maintenance cost over the lifetime of the equipment.

In addition to our in-house suite of integrity and subsea engineers with experience of delivering and managing FPSO projects around the world, NIQ can put together a seasoned operations team and have partnerships who possesses a niche in the area of asset management through comprehensive operation, maintenance of a wide range of FPSO assets.

We can deliver local content driven operations with state-of-the-art solutions in a cost-efficient manner by providing a Quality and Health and Safety and Environment (QHSE) program and robust Operations continuity to our clients. This enables the Client to focus on Core business as they are relieved of core competence concerns.

In respect of the lifecycle of any FPSO asset, NIQ can support the Planning, Scheduling, Management and Optimisation of all major maintenance activities including preventive maintenance, planned shutdown and unscheduled repairs during the operations and maintenance phase.

In addition to the above, NIQ has the capacity to support operations readiness and assurance for a new FPSO to be tied to a field by developing or upgrading safety management systems, Integrity management Plan, preparing operational philosophy, guidelines, and procedures.

NIQ can support life extension of an FPSO to identify key operational requirements, recognize the effects of the ocean environment on FPSO operation, given our understanding of the FPSO process system and a great appreciation for safety in operation and maintenance.

During the demobilisation of an FPSO, we can arrange preparation for removal of facilities from the oil field, cleaning out tanks, process vessels, decommissioning and preservation of systems and machineries as well as Hand over management to assets owner.

Risk based Inspection of an FPSO

The inspection of process equipment and structural elements plays a significant role in the prevention of failures. Inspection programs are established to detect and evaluate deterioration due to in-service operation. The methods, frequency, and acceptance criteria used in inspections can affect the likelihood of component failure.

The inspection frequencies for pressure equipment and structures in the oil and gas industry have traditionally been driven by prescriptive industry practices, usually at time-based or calendar-based intervals (not consider the likelihood of failure of an item of equipment or component). However, our Risk-based Inspection approach can offer significant benefits from a more sophisticated inspection approach that supports a comprehensive asset integrity program and an inspection program strategy that combines factors such as satisfactory operating experience, low deterioration rates, minimal consequences of failure, and condition-based inspection interval setting.