It is the policy of NIQ Oil and Gas Limited to conduct all its operations in a secured, healthy and safe environment giving consideration at all times to the safety of individuals, environment, and properties that may be affected by our activities. We recognize that the health, safety and efficiency of our operations are inseparable.

Health, Safety, and Environment is an integral part of all our daily operations. We make sure to implement, monitor and review the controls to minimize risks arising from our operations. It is of utmost importance that we actively ensure the health and safety of everyone affected by our operations by involving and consulting with our workforce, partners, clients, and our sub-contractors in developing and promoting a positive Health and Safety culture throughout the company.

  • Our objective is to create a safe working environment by identifying and assessing risks at the earliest opportunity, adopting good safety practices and ensuring that a safe system of work is in place across all our company activities.
  • Safety is the responsibility of every employee at NIQ, and zero incidents is our foremost goal. In all our projects our trained personnel work to ensure the safety of themselves, their co-workers, the customer and the public.
  • NIQ Oil and Gas has instituted a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system to ensure full compliance with HSE policies.
  • Employees receive Corporate HSE inductions and regular refresher training.
  • NIQ Oil and Gas provides occupational health and hygiene programs, as well as a list of best practices for work tasks.
  • A “zero tolerance” approach to health and safety has proved to be one of the company’s greatest strengths, specific targets being:
  1. Zero Fatalities
  2. Zero lost-time injuries
  3. Zero recordable injuries
  4. Zero long term occupational-related illnesses
  5. Minimize short term illnesses associated with work activities and working conditions
  6. Minimize damage to property or the environment
  • NIQ Oil and Gas’s engineers encourage the use of green materials and state-of-the-art energy-efficient designs.
  • In the Oil and Gas sector, NIQ Oil and Gas operates under the strictest of conditions and controls for international oil and gas consortiums;
  •  NIQ Oil and Gas have a track record of successfully adjusting operating processes to consistently meet specialized HSE standards.
  • HSE principles are incorporated into processes at a very early stage of the project phase, thereby ensuring superior implementation.
  • Training is the key to preventing accidents and incidents. Our employees, therefore, receive extensive training on how to perform their duties safely, properly, and in compliance with applicable local regulations and international standards.
  • Ensuring the health, safety, and security of our employees, our customers, and the public – and protecting the environment are fundamental priorities for NIQ Oil and gas. We uphold these values in the same way that we ensure the quality of our work – by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our projects.

We shall continuously deliver Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and After-sales services to the Oil & Gas Industrial and Infrastructure clients that meet customer needs and expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirements as a demonstration of our total commitment to Interested parties satisfaction and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.