Marine Vessel/Rig Mobilisation

NIQ can leverage its network to support offshore operations by providing utility & supply vessels, security patrol vessels, anchor handling, tugboats, dive support vessels, Lay barges, Crane, vessels and other heavy floating vessels. We provide a variety of marine and engineering services related to rig moving of all types with a primary focus on Jack-Up rigs and Semisubmersible rigs.

Our naval architects and engineers provide all types of analyses required for rig mobilization operations and location approvals including site-specific assessments and certificates of approval.

Our services include:

  • Client Vessel Surveys / Assurance Audits
  • IMCA eCMID Inspections
  • OCIMF OVID Inspections
  • Condition Surveys of Marine Assets
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • On/Off Hire Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Site Approval
  • Rig Move Attendance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Certificate Of Approval
  • Offshore attendances for Rig Move in accordance with JRC guidelines
  • Suitability surveys and MWS approval of tow vessels
  • Towage approvals and provision of Tow Masters
  • Creation & Review of rig move procedures, towage plans, stability calculations and weather forecasts.
  • MWS attendance at rig mobilization meetings and risk assessments.
  • MWS attendance for dry transportations (float on / float off operations).
  • Client Marine Representation
  • Special Client Engineering attendance
  • Site-Specific Assessment and Location Approvals
  • Hydrodynamic Analyses and verifications
  • Stability Analyses and verifications
  • Mooring Analyses and verifications