Mooring & Umbilical Design

NIQ can provide mooring design, analysis and installation procedures for a variety of temporary and permanent mooring systems, both at offshore locations and alongside a quay or facility.

Permanent mooring design and analysis is typically required for CALM, SALM, SPM, FPSOs, FSOs and TLPs and will require class approval.  A typical scope of work will include mooring analysis to assess the strength of the mooring, fatigue analysis and analysis of tandem off take operations and mooring hawsers.  From this analysis, our engineers will prepare full design drawings, equipment specifications, anchor designs (drag anchors, piles and suction piles) as well as the design of chain stoppers and pull in equipment foundations.

Our software for mooring analysis and design, including FEM analysis and fatigue, offers some of the most comprehensive capabilities available. It covers both frequency- and time-domain coupled or uncoupled analysis of the floater with the mooring and riser systems. The intact and damaged condition can be simulated for single floaters or complex multi-floater systems with hydrodynamic coupling effects.

Our analytical capability allows us to choose the most suitable tool for the task at hand, whether static, quasi-static or full-time domain analyses are required. These tools also allow us to simulate multi-vessel operations where one or both vessels or bodies are moored, or to simulate operations with one or more vessels operating using DP (dynamic positioning) rather than a mooring system.

In floating offshore mooring system projects, the technical and quality control requirements of FPSO systems offer benefits to these innovative but extremely high-value industrial-scale applications.

Some of the services NIQ Oil and Gas provides in the offshore permanent facility mooring and offshore construction are:

  • Field Architecture Planning
  • Floating Facility Concept Selection
  • Mooring System Design
  • Anchoring Solution Design, Analysis and Fabrication
  • Off-Vessel Mooring Equipment Specification and Procurement
  • On-Vessel Mooring Equipment Specification and Layout (Tensioning, Fairlead, and Stopper Equipment)
  • Equipment Delivery Management (PO through final FAT, Commissioning and SIT)
  • Mooring Analysis (Strength & Fatigue) for Class and IVB Approval
  • Installation Vessel Selection and Contracting
  • Equipment Marshalling and Storage
  • Specialized Installation Equipment Design and Fabrication
  • Installation Analysis
  • Offshore Installation Procedures (pre-installation, hook-up, replacement, removal)
  • Full Offshore Construction and Mooring Crews
  • Offshore Installation Management and Technical Support
  • Disposal of Old / Damaged Equipment
  • Mooring Equipment Inspections (On and Off-Vessel Equipment) and Integrity Management