Welding and Fabrication, Tank/Vessel Cleaning
Marine Vessel/ Rig Mobilisation

Welding and Fabrication

NIQ offers extensive industry and R&D experience in materials and welding process selection for different industry sectors. We support all aspects of welding engineering delivery but not limited to:

Underwater wet and dry hyperbaric welding for repair and maintenance of shallow and deep-water pipelines

Materials selection and welding requirements for all project phases and work scopes

Develop welding specification, procedure, approval of NDT procedures and results.

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

NIQ offers a range of technologies and solutions using automated and semi-automated tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other pumping solutions for either cleaning tanks and vessels remotely or with minimum man-entry.

Marine Vessel/Rig Mobilisation

NIQ is able to leverage its network to support offshore operations by providing utility & supply vessels, security patrol vessels, anchor handling tugboats, dive support vessels. lay barges, crane vessels and other heavy floating vessels.

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