Why was kerosene called kerosene?⠀

The name was coined by the Canadian geologist Abraham Pineo Gesner, a contraction of “keroselaion”, from the Greek “keroselaion” meaning wax-oil. However, it would be further 8 years before he’d register a trademark on the name “kerosene” in 1854.⠀
This may have been due in part to the discovery and subsequent patents taken out by Scottish chemist James Young on the fuel he’d discovered in 1847. He then went on to patent his process in 1850 and later in 1852, a US patent was taken out for the production of paraffin oil by distillation of coal. This, in turn, meant that other producers were obliged to pay him royalties.⠀
Most likely due to this rise in popularity of both oils, Abraham Pineo Gesner would go on to take out his trademark on the name “kerosene”, with both kerosene and paraffin oil both competing for use in homes and businesses at the time.⠀

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